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Rifle Raffle Winners!

Sunbury Semiquincentennial Henry Rifles

The Henry rifle, invented by Benjamin Tyler Henry and patented in 1860, was the first practical, lever action repeating rifle. It increased the firepower of a single person 14 times that of a single-shot gun.  The rifle was popular with military and civilians. Civil War soldiers saved their pay to purchase them. Owning one was a point of pride.

In honor of Sunbury's Semiquincentennial, limited edition Henry rifles with engravings of historic scenes have been made by Rocky Mountain Firearms.  Located in Johnstown, Colorado, Rocky Mountain Firearms is a family-owned business doing special edition firearms for nearly 20 years.  The rifles are manufactured by the Henry rifle company and are 100% American made.

All rifles are engraved with the same images. On the left side of the rifle, the butt stock has an image of Fort Augusta, the pistol grip has the Sunbury250 logo, and the forearm stock has the Sunbury Fire Department and Soldiers Monument.  On the right side of the rifle, the butt stock has the Hotel Edison, the pistol grip has the Pennsylvania RR Station, and the forearm stock has the Sunbury Trolley crossing the toll bridge and the courthouse clocktower.

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